What is Photopuncture and Light Therapy?

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Why use LIGHT?

Light is composed of various wavelengths. Different wavelengths associated with certain light  colors have the ability to trigger photo-chemical reactions in various tissue. 

The infra-red band has the ability to penetrate skin and stimulate accupuncture points. As the infra-red light passes through the skin, its wavelengths is altered, creating the stimulating effect on the tissue through photonic stimulation at the cellular level. It is this photonic stimulation that triggers the re-opening of healing process.

There are two major components of the Equine Light Therapy Unit.  First we use the Equine Scanner which locates

soreness, inflamation and injuries. Then we have the Equine Light  system which generates and delivers photodynamic light precisely tuned to specific frequencies that studies have shown accelerate the healing process in horses.

  • What can "Lights" do for my horse?​
  •  Reduces Inflamation & Swelling
  •  Relaxes Muscles and Stimulates Nerve Transmission
  •  Stimulates the Immune Response
  •  Stimulates Accupuncture Points
  •  Increases Circulation
  • Improves Range of Motion
  •  Provides Relief for minor aches/pains
  •  Stimulates Tissue Healing 
  •  Reduces Stress from Trailering
  • Detox