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Is your horse not performing at their best?

Your horse can't show you all the hidden pains and energy blocks that are compromising their performance. Whether your horse is competing at performance level, is recuperating from an injury or just not themselves, they may need additional support. 


To improve our horses performance and wellbeing by bringing their body back to balance by eliminating pain.

Let us LIGHT up your horse and Dog!

                               A Well Balanced Horse is a Happy Horse!

We travel to shows: Gymkhanas, Barrel Races, Sortings, Reinings, Ropings, English and Western shows, etc.

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The Enlightened Horse does not provide veterinary or medical services. Photopuncture and Light Therapy are not a substitute for veterinary or medical care nor do they diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If your horse has any health care related concerns, please seek a qualified veterinarian prior to using Photopuncture and Light Therapy services.

The Enlightened Horse